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Phases of the IA Lifecycle
Phase I: Pre-Deployment
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Phase 1: Pre-Deployment Phase

The pre-deployment phase is a complete administrative and medical procedure alongside online training. During this phase, Sailors are identified to fill the billets that the Joint Staff has tasked the U.S. Navy to provide. U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFFC) manages Individual Augmentee (IA) Sailors nominated by their commands and assigns them to a specific billet. Parent commands prepare active component (AC) IA Sailors for mobilization. Navy Reserve Centers (NRCs) prepare reserve component (RC) Sailors for mobilization. 

Below is the process of the pre-deployment phase:

  1. Notification of orders, which are ideally 120 days prior to mobilization (i.e., the deployment date)

  2. Completion of the Expeditionary Screening Checklist (ESC) and attendance of Deployment Readiness Training (DRT)

  3. Sailor departs parent command for Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command's Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS)

For Reserve component (RC) Sailors, your Navy Reserve Center (NRC) or Navy Reserve activity (NRA) will notify you of an IA assignment before receiving written orders; for active component (AC) Sailors, you will be notified by your chain of command.

You will receive verbal notification of your IA via NRC/NRA (RC) or your chain of command (AC). Your command IA coordinator (CIAC) will guide you through the IA process. RC Sailors may utilize annual training (AT), active duty for training (ADT), or drill periods to prepare for mobilization.

Approximately 180 days prior to your first I-Stop or Ready Load Date (RLD).



  • CIAC for IA support

  • USFF action officer for billet information or if written orders are not received within six (6) weeks of verbal notification at 757-836-2403

  • NRC/NRA (RC)/parent command (AC) medical department for assistance scheduling medical appointments and identifying any medical issues

  • NRC/NRA (RC) to schedule AT, ADT, or drill periods to prepare for mobilization

  • USERRA for legal rights regarding employment checklist

You will receive IA orders detailing your assigned billet, IA location, and report dates.

You will receive orders that outline your billet description, report date, parent activity, intermediate activities, ultimate activity, and  boots on the ground (BOG) length. Additional instructions and contact information can be found within your orders as well.

Within 2-6 weeks of verbal notification of your IA.


  • Read orders in entirety with your command IA coordinator (CIAC)

  • Confirm your name and address is correct on your orders; if incorrect contact Noble Eagle Sailor Advocacy (NESA)

  • (RC only) If you need to mobilize at an alternate NOSC/NRA contact NESA for a courtesy mobilization 


  • CIAC for IA Sailor and family support

  • For billet and mission questions 757-836-2403

  • ECRC action officer for travel and training related questions at

  • PERS-46 to correct the residential address on your orders to

After orders are issued IA Sailors must be promptly screened to ensure suitability for deployment. Screening consists mainly of medical readiness checks as well as some administrative checks. Screening must be completed and reported to USFF no later than 30 days after orders are issued to the member.

It is the responsibility of the parent command to ensure that the IA Sailor screens and prepares for mobilization correctly. For AC Sailors, the command Individual Augmentee coordinator (CIAC) will oversee this process. For most RC Sailors, the NOSC mobilization officer will oversee this process, and will also assign a CIAC from the NOSC to the IA Sailor.

Note that some reserve units will assign their own CIAC to members of their unit, but this is an informal assignment. For RC Sailors, the CIAC assigned by the NOSC is the official CIAC. 

Upon receipt of orders you will be medically and administratively screened to ensure suitability for deployment. Your orders may have you report to your NOSC/NRA (RC) or parent command (AC) to verify completed screening.

Complete medical/dental screening within 30 days of receiving written orders and ensure remainder of requirements are complete prior to arrival at the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command (ECRC).


  • Continue with NAVMED 1300/4 Checklist (complete within 30 days of written orders)

  • Continue with NAVPERS 1300/22 Checklist:

    • Section 1: Complete within 30 days of written orders

    • Section 2: Complete prior to detachment from NOSC/NRA (RC) or parent command (AC), with some training in Part 3 completed no earlier than 60 days prior to detachment (RC only)

  • Register for Deployment Readiness Training (DRT) at


  • CIAC for IA support USFF for NAVPERS 1300/22 related questions at 757-836-2403

  • Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) staff or NOSC/NRA medical staff for medical/dental appointments and NAVMED 1300/4 questions

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