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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
U.S. Navy Deployment Health Assessments (DHA)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Deployment Health Assessments?
Deployment health assessments are legislatively required assessments conducted at specific timeframes in the pre-and post-deployment process to identify and treat health concerns. Sailors complete DHAs online utilizing the EHA application, which is then reviewed during a one-on-one conversation with a professional  healthcare provider.

I need medical attention now for my deployment-related health concerns; do I need to wait for the PDHRA?
No, you should not wait for the PDHRA. Make an appointment with your health care provider or local medical treatment facility for assistance.

How does the PDHRA benefit Sailors?
The PDHRA is part of the Department of Defense’s Force Health Protection Program. The PDHRA provides education, screening and access to care for a wide variety of questions and concerns that Sailors may have about their health after they return from deployment.

What kinds of questions are included in this reassessment?
The questions address both Sailor-specific demographics and health history. The demographic questions include identification, contact information and deployment location. The health history comprises screening and triage questions designed to identify health concerns and conditions that may have emerged following the most recent deployment as well as the types of information and assistance that the Sailor would like to receive.

How long do the DHAs take to complete?
Depending on your screening options, the PDHRA is the most in depth assessment and generally takes 45 minutes to complete.

How are providers trained to do the DHA assessments?
The Department of Defense and Navy train qualified healthcare providers to administer the DHAs with the appropriate education and guidance. A physician, physician assistant (PA), nurse practitioner (NP) or independent duty corpsman (IDC) can be qualified providers.

What happens after the DHA assessment?
If necessary, the healthcare provider will refer the Sailor for follow-up care, treatment or evaluation. Referrals are made for a range of issues, both physical and mental. Military OneSource and primary health care providers commonly receive the referral.

I am attempting to complete my DHA at the following website,, and get the following error message: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.  Can you assist?
In Internet Explorer under Tools>Internet Options>Advanced security options ensure that SSL 2.0, 3.0 and TLS 1.0 are enabled and TLS 1.1 and 1.2 are not.  If that does not resolve the issue please contact the EHA help desk at 757-953-0737/DSN 377 or email the EHA Help Desk at

FAQ for Healthcare Providers

What is the “Deploy” tab in MRRS used for?

The “Deploy” tab in MRRS is used to indicate the assignment of Sailors to operational areas that require the deployment health Assessments (i.e., Individual Augmentee, unit deployments, permanent change of station, temporary duty travel, etc). It is also used when the (combatant command) or command requires DHAs. Refer to OPNAVINST 6100.3A for more information.
Prior to departing on a deployment an active deployment event needs to be created in MRRS by setting the Sailor’s “Deployed/Deploying” flag to “Yes.” Select the COCOM area of responsibility (AOR) where the Sailor will be deploying to. Enter the date the Sailor will be departing and their estimated return date, which will be used to identify when the PDHA will be due. Select from the drop down menu the reason and event that are requiring the DHAs.

Do I need to enter the DHA completion into MRRS?
Manual entry of DHA completion is not required and strongly discouraged as only DHAs electronically submitted, certified by a healthcare provider and transferred to the DoD repository are considered complete. The automated process of EHA automatically updating MRRS in three working days and setting the “Deployed/Deploying” status to “No” based on a post DHA ensures only properly completed DHAs are recorded in MRRS. If a record is missing, ensure that the assessment has been certified and transferred in EHA. You may contact the EHA Help Desk at or at 757-953-0737 for questions regarding records not transferring.

What if MRRS incorrectly reports that a member is required to do a PDHA/PDHRA?
If a PDHA (DD Form 2796) is incorrectly reporting as required, open the deploy tab, select edit (to the right of the “Deployment History” entry) and select “Delete Record.” If a PDHRA (DD Form 2900) is incorrectly reporting as required and a completed PDHA exists select the appropriate exemption from the PDHRA exemption list. Separation or transfer is not a reason for exemption.

What if a Sailor deploys again prior to completing a PDHRA?
If a Sailor deploys again to a location that requires DHAs prior to the PDHRA becoming due exempt the PDHRA with a reason of “Deployed again”. Next, create a new Active Deployment in MRRS and have the Sailor complete the Pre-DHA for the next deployment.

Does completing a PHA fulfill the requirement to complete a PDHRA?
No, completing a PDHRA is still a requirement for personnel who are within 90-180 days of returning from a qualifying deployment. When conducting a PHA, check the member’s “Deploy” tab to see if a PDHRA is due/overdue or not yet due if the member is separating.

What are Mental Health Assessments (MHA) and who is affected?
Service members who deploy in support of contingency operations are required to complete four person-to-person MHAs. The first MHA is conducted in conjunction with the completion of the Pre-DHA (DD Form 2795), the second with the PDHRA (DD Form 2900), and the third and fourth mental health assessments in the sequence will be completed in conjunction with the ensuing two PHAs, respectively. The 3rd and 4th MHAs are completed using DD Form 2978 and are listed as standalone MHAs in EHA. DODI 6490.03, 19 June 2019, provides MHA policy. MHAs are tracked in the MRRS Deploy Tab, MHAs will be displayed as 'due after' or' due before' with a date displayed.  |  |  Navy FOIA  |  DoD Accessibility/Section 508  |  No Fear Act  |  Open Government  |  Plain Writing Act  |  Veterans Crisis Line  |  VA Vet Center  |  FVAP  |   DoD Safe Helpline  |  Navy SAPR  |  NCIS Tips  |  Privacy Policy  |  Site Map  |  Contact US
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