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U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFFC)

Adm. Daryl Caudle

New York

Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command

24 May 2023 Remarks as delivered.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, Veterans, citizens of New York, Shipmates, Marines, Coast Guardsmen – Good evening – and thank you for joining us today to officially proclaim the start of Fleet Week New York City 2023!
  • My wife Donna and I are absolutely thrilled to return to New York City and are deeply honored to be back here at Fleet Week.
  • We, along with senior leaders from the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, are here tonight representing your nation’s maritime services this week. With us are 2,700 of the fiercest, most motivated, and lethal warfighters on the planet – and they cannot wait to showcase their toughness, determination, their grit and devotion to our sworn duty to defend our nation’s interests – at home and overseas.
  • Before I get too far, I’d like to extend a special welcome to:
    • The Honorable Sean Coffey, General Counsel of the Department of the Navy.
      • Welcome back to you, Sir. I am proud to share another Fleet Week with you!
      • We wish Ann could be here, please give her our best.
    • As well as the Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Carlos Del Toro. Sir, I know Betty and you feel right at home.
  • It’s absolutely great to once again see our Navy and Coast Guard ships docked in this historic harbor - and let me tell you, I know the Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen feel the same.
  • We are all thrilled at the opportunity to interact personally with the patriotic people of New York and experience the history and culture of this city, which has held a crucial role in the continued success of our Navy since before our country’s founding.
    • With us this week, Representing the Fleet – we have:
      • U-S-S WASP, an amphibious assault ship with Marines, aircraft, and amphibious small craft embarked onboard.
      • U-S-N-S NEWPORT, an expeditionary fast transport ship under Military Sealift Command moored in Staten Island.
      • U-S-S OAK HILL, a dock-landing ship moored in Staten Island.
      • U-S-S COLE, a guided missile Destroyer, and U-S-S OREGON, a Virginia class fast attack, nuclear submarine, across the Hudson in Earle, New Jersey.
      • Naval Academy Y-Ps crewed by Midshipmen over on Pier 86.
    • From the Marine Corps – we have the:
      • Marines from II Marine Expeditionary Force (2 MEF) embarked onboard U-S-S WASP and U-S-S OAK HILL.
    • From the Coast Guard – we have the:
      • U-S Coast Guard Cutter WARREN DEYAMPERT (DEE-YAM-PERT) on Pier 86.
    • I would also like to personally welcome several of our NATO Allies and the crews of:
      • H-M-S SCOTT, a Royal Navy Oceanographic Research Vessel moored right here at Pier 88.
      • H-M-C-S GLACE BAY, a Canadian Royal Navy Coastal Defense and Minesweeper moored next to us on Pier 90.
      • I-T-S VIRGINIO FASAN, an Italian Frigate with the same hull as the future U-S Constellation Class Frigates, also stationed on Pier 90.
      • Thank you to our NATO Partners, for being staunch Allies and Partners here in this critical time and in this tremendous city. It’s great to have you here with us celebrating Fleet Week New York.
    • Last but certainly not least, from the U-S Army Corps of Engineers:
      • D-C-V GELBERMAN is a Debris Removal & Drift Collection Vessel managed by New York District that patrols the local harbors regularly, picking up items that could be hazardous to navigation or the environment.
      • Thank you to the Army Team, an honorary Sea Service, for being here at Fleet Week – you can sail with us anytime!
  • Events like these are certainly not possible without the hard work and support of a strong team – so thank you to the countless organizations and volunteers for your tireless efforts.
  • And for those that didn’t necessarily volunteer, our senior representatives from my fellow sea services, thank you for your commitment for making this year’s Fleet Week another resounding success:
    • My battle buddy down in Norfolk, Lt Gen Brian Cavanaugh, Commander of Marine Forces Command and Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic.
    • VADM Kevin Lunday, US Coast Guard Atlantic.
  • And to my fellow Flag and General Officers, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to be here with us and for proudly representing our maritime services.
  • But, before I move on, I must say ‘outstanding job’ to CAPT Cooper, CAPT Purcell, Command Master Chief Timmerman and the crew of the WASP for providing us such an outstanding venue tonight – the ship looks great and the spread is superb! 
  • This is certainly a fitting location to officially kick off Fleet Week. U-S-S WASP and its capability to embark 1400 marines, dozens of aircraft and amphibious small craft is a not only a powerful symbol of our solemn commitment to the defense of our nation, our partners, and our allies, but also the ‘Honor, Tradition and Excellence’ you bring every day representing our nation’s maritime services around the world. How about a round of applause for the WASP and her crew!
************* PURPOSE *************
  • Fleet Weeks are held all across the United States throughout the year, and they offer both a rare opportunity for our nation’s citizens to get to know your sea services, and an opportunity for us to celebrate the history, heritage, and legacy of mighty warships like this and the service members who took to the sea in times of peace, in times of uncertainty, and when called upon – in times of war.
  • This week is about connecting the industry, veterans, and civilians in and around the Tri-State area with our service members to highlight the mission in support of this great country.
  • The Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen you will meet hail from across the country, each with different backgrounds and experiences – they personify what is ‘best’ about our country - and they stand proudly together, ever guarding against the hostile actors of the world, making it clearly understood that today is the absolute wrong day to challenge us.
  • There are hundreds of engagements and events throughout the week, and so I encourage you to speak with them in your encounters all around the city this week. I am confident they will make you proud knowing our nation is in great hands.
  • But, perhaps what I’m most excited to see is – the Navy defend it’s 2022 Fleet Week New York ‘Tug-of-War’ title against the Marine Corps tomorrow morning. We’ve got Boatswains’ Mates that have been training their whole careers – therefore, Brian fair warning, you and your Marines better bring it!
  • The gauntlet has been thrown down, Navy, so – bring it home tomorrow morning!
************* WHY A NAVY *************
  • Alright, we love our inter-service rivalries!
  • But, I will tell you – your Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are an integrated and seamless fighting force. We’re busy every day keeping our focus over the horizons. With all the activity in Europe and the Indo-Pacific, it’s easy to lose track of the value we all bring to the American people each and every day. 
  • Which is why President George Washington, defender of New York City during the Revolutionary War, best captured our value to American people when he said:
    • “It follows then, as certain as night succeeds the day; that without a decisive naval force, we can do nothing definitive; and with it, everything honorable and glorious.”
  • “Honorable and glorious” – those are words that I would use to describe this city and this great country. Your Navy, Marine and Coast Guard teams are ready to protect our interests across the world, to include the strategic waterways connecting the global maritime commons.
  • And that is precisely why this awe-inspiring team will continue to train to the highest standards and continuously break barriers to advance our warfighting edge, so it is known around the world – just as the people of New York are known for their toughness, their fortitude, and their resolve – that your Sea Services own the maritime environment from the seabed to space - hands down, no exception.
************* CLOSING *************
  • In closing, I think I can speak for everyone when I say once again – thank you for welcoming your Fleet back to New York!  We love being here!
  • Our Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard team are the most formidable and integrated combat team the world has ever known – and it is because we are bolstered by the long-standing relationships, ingenuity, innovation, and determination from the people of this great nation, and great cities like this.
  • So, thank you for all that you do, and thank you for the staunch support of our nation’s warfighters.’
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